Equipment we use Equipment we use DVR system 189981132 Wired night vision cameras These are connected to our DVR system 200640237 Handheld night vision camcorders 200640238 Motion detectors, digital voice recorders, Remoter night vision cams 200640239 Wireless night vision cameras 200640240 Two way radios Two way radios for investigating larger locations. 200640241 Meters, P-SB7 200640242 Handheld camcorders & POV action cameras These are used mostly in lighted conditions as they are infrared. Interviews, pre investigations etc.. 200640243 Night vision bullet cameras These cameras have a night vision distance of 130 feet and connect to our DVR system. 200640244 Sound software 189981236 Monitors Laptops, large screens for DVR systems etc.. 197482304