Ghost Hunters of Ottawa for Scientific Truth

Basic requirements for full time members: 

- You must be at least 21 yrs of age or older.

- You must be able to make it out to locations and events, even if you do not have your own transportation.

- You must have a basic understanding of the paranormal and have some experience with the types of 

   equipment we use.

- You must have experience in a field that can be beneficial to the team.

- You must be able to attend monthly meetings and our monthly talk show. Some exceptions may apply.

- You must be willing to travel out of town when needed.

- You have to be active in our social media pages and keep yourself up to date. 

- You must be willing to appear on camera.

- You must sign our member agreement and follow our code of conduct. 

- You must make yourself available when we have investigations, hold events and other functions.

- You must live within 200 Km of Ottawa to be part of our immediate team. Some exceptions may apply.

- If you have a dependency on drugs ( this includes for medicinal purpose) or alcohol, please keep in mind that we have a 0 tolerance for any use of any substances at investigations and events.


Being a G.H.O.S.T. paranormal investigator will be quite time consuming, before, during and after an investigation, not counting everything in between.

-It will consume a large amount of your personal time, especially on weekends.

-There is no monetary gain (unless specified otherwise) and you will be required to pay your way when    needed.

-Once your application is approved, you will have to go through a 3 month probation period. 

G.H.O.S.T. is looking for serious, dedicated and motivated investigators. Joining our team is not for the weak, you will be tested beyond your limits, please consider your application carefully.

If you truly have the time, have the passion and are looking for the truth...

then please complete our application, if you meet our minimal requirements.

Thanks for applying to join our team. If you meet our minimum requirements, we will get back to you to setup an interview.
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Once your application has been reviewed, you will be notified by e-mail or phone to come in for an interview. Please be aware that we are strict in our entry requirements, but do give everyone fair consideration.

 Once accepted, you will be added to our investigator list as a training member, until your probation period is over.

At G.H.O.S.T., we strive for integrity, honesty and the pursuit of scientific truth.

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