Ghost Hunters of Ottawa for Scientific Truth

Dan-Founder and Team leader

Lead investigator/Case & Tech manager

Media contact & Social media

Field of study:

Sound engineering-management


Having had multiple unexplained experiences as a child, teen and adult, I began to study different philosophies, belief systems and religious perspectives in 1997. This led to a great  interest in the paranormal and its existence. I began to experiment with different practices from seances, talking boards, remote writing etc.. In 2002, I moved into a house that would be considered by most paranormal investigators, as very active. The experiences I had in that house, further sparked my interest in the paranormal and I wanted answers! I had investigated the paranormal from one perspective, but needed to expand my knowledge.

I knew that in order to find truth, I had to change my approach. In 2010, I founded G.H.O.S.T.  and its principles. 


Lead Investigator/Administration 

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Investigator - Pre-investigations/Case assistant                           

Field of study:



I've been interested in the paranormal since I could remember and always had a keen sense for everything unseen, but was too young to know what was going on. As I grew older, I felt I needed validation. I started studying parapsychology, mythology, world religions, which would often leave me with more questions than answers. In 2009, I moved into a home where I began experiencing unexplained phenomena; Seeing things, hearing things, and receiving warning dreams. I decided to setup a recorder in an attempt capture something on audio, and I was certainly not disappointed. Years later I began searching for like minded people and in 2015, I joined GHOST


Investigator - Tech assistant

Field of study:

Building Automation


I've always loved old buildings, hence my field of study. I realized that sometimes buildings hold bigger secrets, some you can't always see and | eventually developed an interest in the paranormal.  Of course the next step was combining the two. Joining G.H.O.S.T. gave me that opportunity and I'm happy to be part of this team. 


Investigator - Videographer/Photographer


Field of study:

Photography & video production


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Field of study

Psychology (B.A.)


I’m a small town girl who has always had a strong interest in all things unexplained, specifically the paranormal. I’ve worked in emergency communications for about 15 years, and through that experience, have gained a lot of perspective on life and people. I’ve had a number of profound experiences with death through the years that have stuck with me, and led me to where I am today.


Investigator-in training

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